Blazingly Fast Dynamic Guided Search Through Petabytes of Data

Organizations are generating exponentially increasing amounts of data. Locating specific data through manual techniques is becoming increasingly problematic, to the point where valuable data is effectively lost forever.

PixStor Search provides fast indexing and search capabilities across massive data sets. It is designed to handle hundreds of millions of files, automatically capturing custom or standard metadata about those files, and allowing easy and meaningful searches across the entire PixStor Global Namespace.

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Lightning Fast Search with No File System Walking

Utilizes world’s fastest file system processing, directly accessing the PixStor policy engine with advanced map reduce big data techniques

Find Valuable Data Based on Meaningful Metadata

Search for codecs, resolutions, project, producer, director, etc. Quickly locate and move data needed for a project from archive to production storage, know what data you have and make sure nothing gets lost

Fully Scalable and Fault Tolerant Solution

PixStor Search’s architecture is fully software defined and can be scaled-out for additional performance or levels of fault-tolerance

Elegant and Intuitive Graphical Search Interface With Auto-filtering Capabilities

PixStor Search harvests metadata directly from images, videos, sequences and documents, reducing the need for human intervention when curating data, significantly reducing costs. PixStor Search transcodes data into preview proxies for quick browsing and result validation. PixStor Search provides a user-friendly interface for interactively searching across these data sets. PixStor Search’s Dynamic Guided Search feature aids users to locate the data using the most rapid method of determination possible. Searches can be refined via the easy to use interface, allowing users to drill down to the exact search terms they need, browsing through the data as they go, to help guide the search terms.


Extract and export deep metadata into MAMs, 3rd party workflows and applications through a simple, intuitive API; external applications or automations can query PixStor Search using the standard REST API to provide rapid access to file and metadata information

Supports Non-standard File Types Through an Extensible Plug-in System

Users can extend PixStor Search to handle in-house or specific file types via a rich Python API providing custom metadata and proxy handling

Immediate and Scheduled Ingest

PixStor Search provides mechanisms to scan smaller files immediately or to process larger files asynchronously via deferred scheduling or 3rd party operations (i.e. transcoding)

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