High Performance Transparent Tiering

Cut Storage Costs While Gaining Unrivaled Asset Visibility and Search Capability

Economically store and protect valuable media assets with PixStor Ngenea HSM, an extremely fast, highly scalable, data management layer unifying high speed PixStor storage with object and cloud storage into a single PixStor global namespace. 

PixStor Ngenea HSM transparently tiers media assets based on policies (for example, untouched assets over 30 days old) from high-performance storage to cost effective, highly protected object, tape and cloud storage – lowering storage costs and freeing production storage space. PixStor Search harvests metadata and instantaneously finds archived assets and recalls them seamlessly to production storage as needed.

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All Production and Archive Assets are in the Same PixStor Namespace

PixStor is a high performance, highly scalable, enterprise-class storage solution specifically designed for Media & Entertainment workflows. PixStor combines flash, disk, tape and cloud storage with affordable, high performance Ethernet into a unified system that’s higher performing, limitless in scale and lower cost than traditional legacy solutions. Data moves seamlessly through many tiers of storage, from fast flash to cost-effective, high capacity object storage, all the way out to the cloud – depending on how frequently it needs to be accessed. This allows media organizations to accelerate high resolution workflows and store valuable assets more safely and economically.

Save Money

Cuts storage costs by migrating inactive assets from expensive tier 1 storage to low cost object, tape or cloud storage

No Capacity-based Licensing

Industry unique fixed price license, no penalty for extended use, the more you store, the more cost effective

Monetize Archived Assets for New Projects and Distribution

PixStor uniquely provides a single view of all assets across all storage tiers and integrated, instant asset search can find them quickly for monetization

High Performance Data Access

Files are directly accessed from high-speed PixStor storage as needed – intelligently moving data to lower cost storage, while maintaining a single view of all data

Multi-node Parallel Migration/Recall Acceleration and High Availability

Migration and recall can be spread over an unlimited number of multiple servers in parallel, delivering extraordinary performance and high availability

No Change to Original Data Path for Applications or Users

Migrated files still appear to the user or program as immediately available on primary storage – users and applications continue to access data the same way with identical access location

Migrated Assets are Stored in Standard Formats in Object Storage and the Cloud

PixStor Ngenea HSM retains the full path and filename upon migration so users and applications can read migrated data directly from object and cloud storage, delivering a seamless workflow for globally distributed teams and direct access to unlimited computing for cloud burst rendering. Content distribution can also be facilitated by “publishing” to the cloud where content can be replicated and streamed globally.

Reverse Stubbing File Migration

Ngenea can create a reverse stub pointing to a file in an existing POSIX external storage system. The file is immediately accessible via PixStor as if it had been natively created and migrated by Ngenea. This provides for rapid and efficient file migration from an existing storage system into PixStor – either gradually on file access, or in bulk by policy.

Multiple Storage Targets

Ngenea HSM can migrate files to different storage targets based on business needs, and select the best target available, responding to changes in technology without requiring any changes to usage or applications, while retaining a simple and consistent central single namespace. A file can be (pre)migrated to more than one target simultaneously, recall occurs from the primary target and fail-over to redundant targets.

Catalog Media Assets and Find Them with Powerful, Easy Search Capabilities

Finding migrated assets among vast cloud or object stores is easily facilitated with the included search function that can automatically harvest user and application metadata from files allowing lost files to be found by metadata type with simple drill down interface that generates proxy images, videos, audio and documents for quick browse.

Complete Data Awareness with PixStor Ngenea HSM Capacity Analytics

PixStor Ngenea HSM comes with a dynamic analytics engine that that provides information on how data is being created and used over time. This intelligence gives administrators the insight needed to make the right expansion decisions and provides a robust reporting mechanism for chargebacks.

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